Strangers Assume Her Child Is A Couple Years Old, Sickened When They’re Told Actual Age

Updated October 25, 2017

There are times when kids are big for their age. You often hear parents remark about having a large baby or about how chubby their baby is getting. However, in most of these cases, the child is only a couple pounds heavier than the average for their age group. In Mexico, a child named Luis Manuel, is breaking records for his size. He is just 10 months old, but his weight is on par with that of a healthy nine-year-old child.

The reason for the excess weight is that this baby is always eating. It appears that he is constantly hungry and even after eating, it is not long before he is hungry again and crying for more food. He weighs approximately 30 kilograms which is a weight you would expect to see in a child nearly nine times his age.

At just one-month old, his family had to buy him clothing that you would normally get for a child at age two. This is because he was growing so rapidly as the result of his appetite and the amount of calories he was consuming each day.

His fierce hunger and rapid growth was naturally concerning to his family and doctors. They feared that Prader-Willi syndrome was to blame for the child’s condition. On the most dangerous end of the spectrum, this condition can cause children to experience sudden heart attacks.

One of the hallmark signs of the condition is the constant urge to want to eat food, along with reduced muscle tone and restricted growth. This condition is not one you have likely heard about because it is a genetic condition that is very rare in all parts of the world.

Unfortunately, the family is living in poverty, so they are not able to just grab the money needed to get their son the proper testing to get a confirmed diagnosis. They started a fundraising appeal to ask the public to give them some assistance. Knowing whether this child has this condition can make a world of difference for his future. Once they are able to get the needed funds together, Luis can have the necessary testing to determine if this condition is responsible for his symptoms and health. There are some treatment options once he is diagnosed.

Some people are remarking that Luis is the world’s fattest baby. However, no one has ever kept records about large babies to compare his size too, so whether he is the largest in history is not known.

To treat the condition, if this is what he has, he will need to have a series of very expensive hormone injections and the family is not able to supply the needed funds at this time. Hopefully, the public will jump in and help as they have for dozens of people in similar situations in the past. At birth, Luis was a normal size and weighed in at just seven pounds and 11 ounces. However, it was not long before his weight started to rapidly increase due to his hunger and eating.