Restaurant Posts A Sign On Each Bathroom Door. Gains Some Controversy, A Lot Of Praise

Updated January 19, 2018

A Texas restaurant is making waves with their recent “remodeling” to their bathroom doors. In the middle of the bathroom controversy that is going on around the country, the restaurant, which serves Cajun food, has posted pictures on their bathroom door that have made half of America outraged. The doors have pictures of Caitlyn Jenner before and after her transition. The restaurant is Dodie’s Place Cajun Bar & Restaurant and is located in the conservative town of Allen, Texas.

Their statement that transgender people are encouraged to use the bathroom of the gender that they identify with has ruffled feathers in the town.

The photos of Caitlyn Jenner were posted in the restaurant in August. But only when the Dallas Morning News caught wind of the image, did the situation go viral. Their reporter, Dom DiFurio, shared a picture of the bathrooms on Twitter and posed a fundamental question for Dallas, Texas.

Dom asked, “What’s going on here Dallas?”

The image shows the bathroom doors. One has the picture of Bruce Jenner winning at the Olympics, while the other shows Caitlyn Jenner posing for a photo-shoot.

One of the owners of the restaurant, Jim, was proud to speak to Fox News about the bathroom pictures.

“We’ve gotten a few responses, both positive and negative,” Jim said about the transgender bathroom pictures.

Some patrons of the restaurant have lambasted the pictures as being “transphobic” and “insensitive.” They are not politically correct enough for this Dallas community.

Other people saw the humor in the situation and called them “hilarious” ways to distinguish which bathroom is which.

As the pictures went viral, one Twitter user claimed that the way this restaurant labels their bathrooms made it so they “have to eat there.” Perhaps Dodie’s is on to something with their strange bathroom door pictures.

“I don’t understand how this has assumedly been up for as long as it has,” one user on Twitter said. They don’t believe that something like this could go unnoticed for so long.

Some people on social media defended the pictures as being just a joke.

“It’s only a joke if you consider ‘transgender people exist’ as a punchline.”

Other people shot back that these images were labeled “transphobic.”

“Somehow this is being dubbed as ‘transphobic’ by the Daily Dot. Actually, it’s consistent with the trans community dogma.”

One person said there is nothing offensive about these pictures because “the past exists.”

“Looks like they’re embracing only their legacy as an icon from the 80s but also their acknowledgment to transition. The past exists.”

Another agreed, saying, “Yep. They’re recognizing him as a her. I thought that’s what the trans community wanted.”

Dom DiFurio was horrified to see the photos at the Dallas restaurant. And he reported his thought to the Daily Dot.

“I saw it as a bit of a physical manifestation of the wink and nod jokes told often to me when I see people that part of town. The kind of jokes where you feel like the person telling the joke wants you to laugh to verify their inclinations, but doing so would perpetuate a terrible environment for anyone in the LGBTQ community.”


What do you think about these bathroom pictures? Are they offensive or funny?