Residents Concerned Over String Of Lights In The Sky, Officials Refuse To Comment (video)

Updated November 14, 2017

Every couple of months or so, there seems to be some sort of new UFO sighting somewhere in the world. Regardless of the reality of the situation, these alleged sightings always lead to a whole lot of controversy about whether or not UFO’s really do exist.

The latest and greatest of these sightings involve seven lights that appeared in the sky in the village of Novogradovka in south-western Ukraine. The lights were seen in a formation as if they were linked. There was said to be seven lights in all.

When a few residents spotted the lights, they instantly jumped to the conclusion that there would be an alien invasion in the near future and a fear took over the area.

And as to be expected, the newly spotted lights raised UFO suspicions among residents in the village.

The footage was shared on social media, by Ivan Rusev, and users had a lot to say. One person even compared the flying shapes to a variation of the Starfleet insignia used in the Star Trek TV shows and films.

“The objects appeared out of the blue at a significant height and stayed visible for around 12-15 minutes,” Ivan commented.

While there were no details released about what the lights were made of, it has been reported that they were targets for Ukranian marines to train with. To back this up, some of the lights can be seen in the clip dropping from the sky, as if they had just been hit.

According to an army spokesman, there was no reason for any concern.

The majority of people who viewed the footage agreed that the lights were eerie.

Commenters shared the following regarding the odd sighting…

“Those UFOs came to claim what is theirs.”

“Those usually appear when something is about to happen.”

 “This looks like a formation of large fireballs at high altitude. The question is why do those appear now? What triggers those and why we did not see those before?”

According to other commenters, the lights were anything but fearful and they were simply lanterns leftover from a recent celebration…

“I live in Thailand and we have just celebrated the Thai festival of Loy Krathong when these lanterns are launched in their thousands.They are made of tissue paper attached to a wire frame. Dangling from the frame is a large ball of wax. The wax is set alight, heat rises and the lanterns become airborne.  Similar to how hot air balloons work.
When the wax burns out the lanterns fall back down to Earth, as was displayed in the video.”

But others had no patience for the person claiming that the lights were caused by a lantern. One particular commenter wanted to make it clear that there are other beings out there and they are coming for us…

“Rubbish. You’re a liar & in denial. Small minded fool. They exist & look nothing like Chinese lanterns. We are not alone & we’re being visited.”

Only time will tell and maybe the next UFO sighting will lead us to being a step closer to finding out the truth.