Liberal Teacher Tries To Pass His Racist Agenda On Young Man, Gets Obliterated By Student

Updated November 16, 2017

A video captured the long debate between a high school student and his creative writing teacher. Although the video is ten minutes long, the student claims the heated argument went on for much longer. The clip begins when the debate on police brutality has already been going on for some time. The student, a Latino, cites facts including how black-on-black crimes keeps rising and police shoot more white people. But the leftist teacher refuses to see these statistics as facts. Instead, the teacher stops to simply criticizing the student.

“You’re clearly a radical, a conservative,” the teacher spits with disgust.

But the conservative Latino student refuses to let the teacher’s uninformed views influence him. Instead, he cites statistics from the FBI. But the teacher claims those data points are “seeded in white supremacy.”

Later the teacher calls the student, who is non-white, that he is a byproduct of white supremacy.

In the middle of the debate, the topic shifts to terrorism. That’s when the teacher makes a claim that “every white man perpetuates domestic terrorism.”

This sets the pair off on a debate about the definition of terrorism. The student thinks terrorism is the use of violence to advance political goals (by this definition the American Revolution would be considered terrorism). The teacher claims terrorism is a form of racism in America because it is most often associated with Muslims.

The student then reads the definition of “terrorism” from the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

The definition reads: “the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.”

Instead of admitting that the dictionary definition was different than her use of the word, she “bets” the dictionary is wrong and that she’s smarter than it, TheBlaze reports.

When the discussion finally came to a close, the teacher’s final argument was that the student was wrong because his definitions were wrong.

As the confrontation goes viral, the student has asked to remain anonymous. But he has spoken with TheBlaze and said that the incident occurred in the middle of a 12th-grade creative writing class.

Although the student disagrees with the teacher, he respects her as an “authority figure” at his school.

The student, known only as KidGadsden online, shared the following information on YouTube:

“She was talking loudly about Trump, and I am one of the few right-wingers in my school. So she asked me why I supported him seeing as how I am Latino, and he hates us. I responded saying that he doesn’t hate Latinos, he just wants to remove Illegals from the US. It then shifted to how there is a war on blacks and other minorities because of cop killings and stated that the FBI statistics I was using were skewed because it was seeded on white supremacy. It finally shifted to where she said how when it’s a Muslim attack, it’s labeled terrorism, but Vegas was not since he was white. I told her that so far unless something turns up, we have not found any political or religious aims, and there it cannot be viewed as a terrorist incident.”

Do you think the Las Vegas shooting was an act of domestic terrorism?