It’s Hard To Fathom His Isn’t The Worst Haircut We Found. Wait Until You See The Rest [13 photos]

Updated March 16, 2017

We’ve all had a bad hair day at some point during our lives. I remember when it used to happen to me during high school. There was just a part of my head that never seemed to want to flatten. And every morning, the cowlick would stand up and no matter how much gel I used, it didn’t go down. I ended up with a head of hair soaked through with a gel that was more embarrassing than just letting the cowlick alone.

The difference between a bad hair day and the photos on this list is one crucial thing. These people purposely got these haircuts done. And not only did they take pictures of these ‘dos, they were proud enough to share them on the internet.

Scroll through this viral slideshow of images from Imgur if you’re looking for a quick laugh. We’ll provide some commentary on each image below. Check out this pictures now.

Haircuts work best when they work with what you’re given. Unfortunately, the first guy on the list decided to buzz off a strip of hair down the center of his head. This doesn’t work for the shape of his skull. And because he is a bigger guy, it ends up highlighting that fact.

The next guy must have thought that the flower people were real. He was bold enough to put daisies into his mohawk – either that or someone did a great job with Photoshop.

The next woman is biting her lip during the picture. She must know something is off about her hair. The strange do resembles molten steel shaped into ribbons. You certainly have to be bold to rock something this out-of-the-ordinary.

For young men, bangs can either be extremely sexy or totally flop. For this brown-eye youngster, they are a flop. Not only do the bangs fall straight across his forehead, but he has grown out the hair over his ears to resemble mutton chops.

The fourth guy truly does have eyes on the back of his head. While a strange thing to ask the barber to do, he did pull it off.

This young man was going for an urban/country combo. With a mix between a mullet and flattop, he pulls off both popular 1980s haircuts at the same time. And he’s probably the only person to ever attempt such a strange feat.

The guy in the green shirt with the necklace seems to be happy with his yearbook photo. With a crew cut except for his bangs, which he has tied into little ponytails, this guy’s haircut is strange indeed.

You’ve probably heard of a rat’s tail before. It’s a thin little ponytail that runs down the bottom of the skull. This guy takes the unpopular haircut to the next level when he shaved his head bald except for the shape of a rat on the back.

Next was a guy who couldn’t afford the entire visit to the barber. He had just enough money for one run of a buzzer through his hair. Although he’s got a bad haircut, he doesn’t notice.

While some people wear goat horns on their head, this guy decided to twists his locks until they formed large dreadlocks.

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