Couple Arrested After Cop Finds Worst Scene He’s Seen In His 23 Years Of Law Enforcement

Updated November 16, 2017

Some people are just cruel. These are the people that shouldn’t be allowed to be in the presence of children. Forty-six-year-old Gail Lalonde and her boyfriend Dale Deavers are the types of people who should not be permitted to be around children. Lalonde’s nine-year-old granddaughter was found locked in a dog cage while she was being cared for by the woman. When the Racine County Sheriff’s Office investigated the home, they also found 23 marijuana plants, four ounces of dried pot and grow lights. They were caught running their own drug trafficking operation in addition to abusing the child.

“I have not seen anything like this in my 23 years of law enforcement experience,” said Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling. “I’ve seen people do horrific things to other human beings, but I’ve never seen anyone treat a child like an animal. I was sickened at what I witnessed last night… It doesn’t get much worse than this.”

Lalonde and Deavers were charged with false imprisonment and causing mental harm to a child. And the sad part is that after they admitted to locking the girl in the cage, they defended themselves by saying the reasoning was so that the girl would be safe.

According to Lalonde, the child eats cleaning solutions and threatens to kill the couple.

Another incident involving abuse occurred when the girl showed up to school with very short hair. After her teacher asked her what happened, the child said that her grandmother had chopped it off as a punishment to the girl when she attempted to cut her own hair.

The young girl, along with her 10-year-old sibling, has been removed from the grandmother’s home and placed in protective custody.

A preliminary hearing is being scheduled for Wednesday and until then, Lalonde and Deavers are being held in lieu of $55,000 bail each.

As to be expected, commenters were not very forgiving…

“I’m normally a patient, kind person, yet stories like this make me wish we had a public wine press that we could slowly squeeze these people to death, and let others know they will have the same fate if they do things like this. Then I realize that would be inhumane, but, oh well, do it anyway!”
“There are some wicked people out there! When you click on the story there are more stories of severe child abuse! We live in a sick, sick world!”
Maybe the couple should have to face the same abuse and be confined in a cage…
“I hope they both rot!! Let’s see how they like being in a cage.”
People really have no sympathy when it comes to child abuse and why should they? Children are innocent and should never be faced with such pain…
“I will pray for karma to take care of you evil people that hurt little kids….you are the evilest. I hope you live a long life.One that will torment you day and night.Eating on the floor with scraps, day and night of the constant memory of what you did to a child.”