Cop’s Action Toward Drunk Student Causes Controversy. Do You Think They Did Anything Wrong?

Updated November 8, 2017

On Saturday, the University of Miami Hurricanes defeated the Virginia Tech Hokies 28 to 10. The return to glory for the Miami football team was a long time coming, and a lot of fans are very excited.

But after the mammoth victory, some Miami fans started to get a little cocky. And one, in particular, took things to a whole new level and started getting unruly in the stadium.

Because the fan seemed dangerous, cops started to escort her out of the stadium. But in her defiance, she threw a punch at one of the police. And the police officer responded by throwing his knockout punch at the woman.

Watch the video at your discretion. The woman goes lifeless after the male cop punches her in the face in a knockout punch.

Because of the Hurricanes’ victory, their record moved to 8-0 this year. Next week Miami will host Notre Dame in a highly anticipated game.

Defensive coordinator Manny Diaz said his defense is “really, really desperate to score on defense… As a coach, you’re always thinking about the plays that you wish you still stopped, but I thought our [guys were] relentless. Our effort from start to finish was really good.’’

Diaz said the game “had that feel” that football was back in a big way.

“It was an hour before kickoff when our guys came out and they just noticed the difference in the energy. The student section brought it, the fans brought it,” Diaz said. “Let me go backward: Two hours before kickoff, just when the buses pulled up and seeing the scene going on in the parking lot, it let our guys know that the city is with them. And that’s the relationship between Hurricane football and South Florida.’’

Virginia Tech quarterback Josh Jackson claims that the loud and ferocious crowd made his plays suffer.

“Calling the plays a couple of times maybe some of our linemen didn’t hear it completely. It was a great crowd.’’

Back to the video of the cop knocking the Miami fan out. The clip was shared on Twitter, where it promptly went viral – especially since so many people were watching the football game.

People responded to the clip in two ways. Either they supported the cops for punching her, or they said the woman was on her way to getting a settlement from the police.

“She most definitely is getting sent to the pit of misery,” shared Hattori Hanzo.

“That girl just won a lawsuit courtesy of this video,” AKA Johnny Barnhardt wrote.

“She touched him… He can’t hit back. We are held to higher standards,” wrote a police officer.

“Please. She assaulted him while he was doing his job. If this were a man that got rocked for doing the same thing, nothing would be said.”

AJB wrote, “He was in no danger. She was already restrained. As the president would say, ‘he knew what he signed up for.’”

Do you think the officer should have struck this female football fan? Or should the officer face punishment for this?