Blogger Creates Disgusting Nail Manicure, People Feel Sick Watching Her Squeeze It (video)

Updated November 6, 2017

Do you know how pimple and cyst popping videos have become very popular in recent years? There is just something super satisfying about popping a zit or seeing someone else do it. Yes, it is disgusting and, indeed, it is not for everyone. But when Dr. Pimple Popper, the premier content creator for these videos, removes a colossal cyst or zit, it just makes you warm and tingly inside. And also a little nauseous.

In the video blog included below, you’ll see UK-based YouTuber Natasha Lee, 37, demonstrate her disgusting nail art. She created pimple nails as a Halloween inspired manicure. And at the time of this writing, it already has hundreds of thousands of views.

Watch as this master manicurist uses hand cream and gel polish to create a zit on the nail bed that can be popped.

It looks like one of those painful zits that are begging to be popped. And in the video, you’ll see what happens at Natasha pops it. The hand cream oozes out of it in a disgusting display of Halloween grotesqueness.

When the video gets started, Natasha gets straight to the “good” stuff. She demonstrates how you too will be able to pop your pimple nails. She squeezes the lump that she artfully painted yellow and pink. And as you watch her squeeze the zit, you’ll forget that it is fake.

Natasha has more than 200,000 subscribers for her beauty blog. People tune in to watch her amazing talent and to learn tips and tricks. This Halloween episode is on track to be one of her most successful videos because it is utterly disgusting.

As she pops a pimple on her nail, a white cream oozes out of it. It looks just like the pus you’d squeeze from a pimple on your nose or chin.

With the demonstration out of the way, Natasha gets into the nitty-gritty about how to make this look for yourself. It is not easy. It took her about 40-50 minutes to complete her pimple nail manicure. But as a Halloween costume accessory, it’ll make other people gag. Plus, she rated it only a three out of five for difficulty. So, it’s not an impossible look to achieve for someone who isn’t a master manicurist like Natasha.

When she uploaded the video, she shared the following description:

“It started with Dr. Pimple Popper Sandra Lee showing videos of spots being squeezed; then there were pimple cakes, so let’s go grossly full circle and do some DIY Halloween Exploding Pimple Nails!  As realistic as these spot sfx nails look, I can promise you that it’s just another nail art tutorial using all nail products including nail polish and banana hand cream!  Let me know how you feel about these exploding pimple nails for Halloween, and they your cup of tea, or absolutely disgusting? Or you a fan of squeezing a good spot??”

Check out the clip below to see the most disgusting nails of 2017. What do you think about these pimple nails that ooze when you pop them?